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Mulching Services That Add Quality to Your Soil

At Landlocked Clearing & Tree Service, LLC, the grass is greener on this side! We’ll perform your mulching service if your lawn isn’t growing as quickly as you had hoped. Our handy mulching services will improve the quality grade of your soil, which will encourage healthy growth. Have weeds sprouting from your lawn? We can weed out this problem with our professional mulching service. There is a compendium of ways you can benefit from mulching. If interested in reducing time and money spent on watering your lawn, then consider our services.

How Mulch Has Helped Lawns Thrive

The scorching heat can do harm to your plants. If you have experienced one too many plant casualties, then expand your options—consider our mulching services. Mulch is an essential ingredient, the perfect recipe for helping your garden blossom with little intervention from you. Our mulching service holds a lot of benefits, such as the following:

  • Saves you money on fertilizing
  • Helps seedlings from receiving too much sunlight
  • Reduces watering time
  • Helps retain moisture in the soil longer
  • Regulates soil temperature
  • Prevents nutrients from leaving the soil
  • Prevents weeds from growing as it serves as a barrier by blocking too much sunlight

There are many LA homeowners who overlook mulching as a sure-fire lawn care method. Get a first-hand look of what mulching can do for your soil and plants. If you’re hoping to save time and energy from watering your plants and to protect your turf from extreme temperatures, then our mulching service in Lake Charles will align with your needs. Improve the appearance of your landscape. Keep the nutrients in your soil. Landlocked Clearing & Tree Service, LLC will ensure you’re guaranteed the benefits that our mulching services offer.

Very helpful, efficient
Keith D.
Nice and professional people. Good crew, they do a fantastic job!
Jerome D.
Excellent job, very professional service and a pleasure to work with!
Billy L.

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